We use recycled paper in all possible processes.

We try to avoid printing documents whenever is not necessary.

We are implementing a document management process with two main goals: to offer a new service to the customer who will be able to access his information at any time and anywhere; and, in doing so, we will reduce the use of paper in our office considerably.



5% of our employees have a disability. We are committed to an open and civic society where everyone finds their place, where everyone can enjoy the opportunities they deserve. We believe in people. Integration makes us happy.



We have implemented a new “compacted” work schedule this year – our employees now work from 9 am to 6 pm. We also provide a space where they can enjoy a relaxing time and eat their meals without any stress. All these measures hope to facilitate a better work/life balance for our employees.



We aim to promote a culture of equality between men and women and encourage women to achieve a better balance between their roles as employees and mothers.

We also like to work side by side with young professionals recently graduated as they teach us a new vision of the world. The percentage of women and young people working in our office has increased significantly in recent years. We have put our trust in them and are now ripping the rewards.



In the second trimester of 2014 we started offering our employees English classes during working hours. Similarly, we want to make sure that everyone undergoes the necessary technical skills training to better perform their jobs.

Continuing education is also part of our plan. Information and knowledge, always up-to-date.



Awareness campaigns

  1. OXFAM

  2. We participate in Oxfam trailwalker every year



  4. We collaborate with CATIM, a company that collects used toners – they collect the toner and we contribute to the Foundation.



Our commitment encompasses all social events that start from the heart and generate a benefit to society because we want to contribute to a sustainable future full of hope.